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•   Tom Woodruff (1967)  7/3
•   Robert Dougherty (Dough) (1973)  6/19
•   David E. Kempf (1966)  6/18
•   William Piant (1966)  6/17
•   Victor S. Migneco (1971)  6/13
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Welcome to the McBride Alumni Website

In 1921, funds to build a Catholic High School in St. Louis, Missouri were given to the Archdiocese by Mrs. McBride as a memorial to her husband, William Cullen McBride, an outstanding Catholic layman. In the words of the late Cardinal Glennon, Mr. McBride was “a man who saw and understood the questions of his day, and even foresaw those of the future. He realized the need for educating the hearts and minds of youth so as to fit them for facing the problems of life.”

Under the guidance of the Brothers of Mary, McBride opened in 1925. During its 47 years, McBride rose to become a landmark and a milestone in education. Situated on the northwest corner of Kingshighway and Cote Brilliante Avenue, this limestone educational institution yearly molded and shaped the lives of six hundred young men. Graduates passed through her famous colonnades each year well prepared to meet their moral and civic responsibilities in an adult world. For a variety of reasons, the school closed in 1971.

In 1985, as part of their 50th reunion, the class of 1935 decided to rekindle the fire by establishing a McBride Alumni Club. Our rosters now include 418 teachers and 7,385 former “McBride Micks”.

On March 10, 2009, the New McBride Alumni site was launched.  Please let everyone know about this site, and keep the spirit of McBride alive.

McBride Alumni Club

P.O. Box 50096
Clayton, Missouri  63105

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Over 1,450 Micks are registered on our site.  We continue to have new registrations as alumni find our site.  Be sure to tell fellow classmates about our site and have them register.

Make sure you have your most recent email address in your account profile.  If you have changed your email address over the past few years be sure to check your profile to make sure you do not miss any annoucements from our site.

Reflecting on the Impact of the McBride Legacy Scholarship Fund
October 2023

We came as boys to McBride High School and began the transition to manhood under the guidance of the Marianist who forged a brotherhood between us that continues to this day – 50 plus years after the closing of the school. For many decades we were without a place to gather, and even though we had done well to sustain our bond, some of our fellow alumni continued to seek a home for us to gather. The group approached Fr. Ralph Siefert with the concept of creating the McBride Legacy Scholarship program. For a commitment to raise $2.0 million dollars, Fr. Ralph agreed to name McBride Alumni Hall, a physical location where we could gather and renew our bonds of friendship.

We last shared an update on the McBride Legacy Scholarship Fund in March of 2022. Since that time, we have raised $65,482 bringing the fund total to $1,633,982. In addition, we had 32 Micks make their first gift in support of the Legacy Scholarship program.

The McBride Legacy Scholarship Fund combined with the four endowed scholarships created by Jane and Joe Nettemeyer bring our McBride Family of Scholarships very close to achieving the $2 million goal promised to Fr. Ralph. We just need another $31,137 to reach the goal. Thank you for your support. Your generosity has brought us to this point.

Fr. Ralph often said that the young men who graduate from Chaminade may not always do the right thing, but they know what the right thing to do is. That was the gift McBride and the Marianists gave to us, and we are giving that gift forward with our McBride Legacy Scholarship Program.

Legacy Scholarship Highlights

  • For the second year, the award amount is $1,200 per student.
  • This year’s seniors have received $6,600 from the McBride Legacy Scholarship if they attended Chaminade all seven years.
  • Since 2010, 130 families have benefited from the McBride Legacy Scholarship totaling 188 students that have received an annual McBride Legacy Scholarship.
  • In total since 2010, we have awarded 709 scholarship installments for a total of $601,500.
  • The relatives of 146 McBride alumni have received the scholarship.
  • 682 Micks have contributed to the Legacy Scholarship.

2023-2024 Legacy Scholars Update

  • From the 2022-2023 Legacy Scholars, 11 seniors graduated and one student left Chaminade.
  • For 2023-2024 we have 12 new Legacy Scholars – two freshmen, three 7th graders and seven 8th graders.
  • 65 Chaminade students (43 in the high school and 22 in the middle school) are receiving McBride Legacy Scholarships.

If you would like to support the McBride Legacy Scholarship Fund, you can contact Julie Lohr, Director of Development at Chaminade, at (314) 692-6652 or You can also make a gift online using this link:

We send our heartfelt thanks and best wishes.

McBride Legacy Scholarship Committee

Mike Andert ’70

Ed Bovier ’63

Tony DeNatale ’63

Jack Fischer ’66

Mike Hagenhoff ’63

Mike Hahn ’64

Russ Isaak ’60

Ron Johnson ’63

Tom Lauman ’65

John Marino ’70

Ray McKeever ’62

Mike Milne ’63

Joe Nettemeyer ’69

Mike Nettemeyer ’73

Jerry Noce ’70

Mike Pilla ’68

Larry Porschen ’67

Mike Reinhardt ’71

Joe Rupp ’68

Bob Scanlon ’69