Michael Dubrouillet

Profile Updated: April 29, 2021
Class Year: 1963
Residing In: Bellevue, WA USA
Wife/Significant Other: Jill
Occupation: Retired
Children: James born 1970 children Kate b 2008 Calvin b 2011
Annie born 1978 children Emma 2012 Hannah 2014
Military Service: Navy  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Parish Grade School:

Mary Queen of the Universe


U.S. Navy 20 years The Boeing Co. 20 years


Joined the Navy in 1965. Received my draft noticed while in boot camp. As an E-5 in a squadron on the East coast, I applied for a program to go to college, get an engineering degree, and get commissioned as an officer in the Navy. I was in a junior seminary as a high school freshman until half way through my senior year. I went to McBride for the last half of my senior high school year. When I put in for the college program, I and my record had to go before 3 officers for their recommendation. One of the officers thought that my grades in high school stunk. It was true that I struggled with Latin and French in the seminary.