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•   Anthony D. (Tony) Petruso (1964)
•   Jeffrey Zust (1968)


•   Dennis C. Ahrenhoersterbaeumer (1967)  11/26
•   David N. Becker (1963)  11/24
•   F. Michael (Mike) Hallemann (1962)  11/21
•   Anthony D. (Tony) Petruso (1964)  11/11
•   David Goodhart (Goodhart)  11/11
•   Ronald L (Kennedy) (1960)  11/10
•   William Ciccone (1955)  11/1
•   William Matthew Genova, P. E. (1969)  10/29
•   Donald J. Borgschulte (1949)  10/28
•   Paul Zacher (1965)  10/21
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•   Robert M. Echelmeyer (1964)  11/27
•   Charles Kullmann Csp (1969)  11/27
•   Frederick E. Vorwerk (1963)  11/27
•   Larry Checkett (1963)  11/28
•   Joseph J. Effinger  11/28
•   Michael C. Gibbons (1956)  11/28
•   Leo F. Koch (1952)  11/28
•   Milton B. Mantler (1959)  11/28
•   Philip Calcagno (1964)  11/29
•   Jim Scheffler (1962)  11/29
•   David K. Shelton (1967)  11/29
•   Kathleen Garrighan  11/30
•   Eugene R. Matlock (1972)  11/30
•   Thomas Ostermueller (1964)  11/30
•   Marvin J. Schaefer (1969)  11/30
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10 live in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
22 live in Arizona
9 live in Arkansas
75 live in California
25 live in Colorado
3 live in Connecticut
2 live in Delaware
2 live in District Of Columbia
77 live in Florida
16 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
4 live in Idaho
92 live in Illinois
16 live in Indiana
7 live in Iowa
31 live in Kansas
15 live in Kentucky
4 live in Louisiana
2 live in Maine
16 live in Maryland
6 live in Massachusetts
22 live in Michigan
9 live in Minnesota
5 live in Mississippi
1,485 live in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
4 live in Nebraska
4 live in Nevada
2 live in New Hampshire
12 live in New Jersey
10 live in New Mexico
7 live in New York
13 live in North Carolina
18 live in Ohio
7 live in Oklahoma
6 live in Oregon
18 live in Pennsylvania
9 live in South Carolina
18 live in Tennessee
75 live in Texas
3 live in Utah
30 live in Virginia
14 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
8 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Alberta
1 lives in British Columbia
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in China
1 lives in Dominican Republic
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in India
1 lives in New Zealand
2 live in United Kingdom
1 lives in Zimbabwe
317 location unknown


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 47.0%

A:   1218   Joined
B:   1376   Not Joined

Welcome to the McBride Alumni Website

In 1921, funds to build a Catholic High School in St. Louis, Missouri were given to the Archdiocese by Mrs. McBride as a memorial to her husband, William Cullen McBride, an outstanding Catholic layman. In the words of the late Cardinal Glennon, Mr. McBride was “a man who saw and understood the questions of his day, and even foresaw those of the future. He realized the need for educating the hearts and minds of youth so as to fit them for facing the problems of life.”

Under the guidance of the Brothers of Mary, McBride opened in 1925. During its 47 years, McBride rose to become a landmark and a milestone in education. Situated on the northwest corner of Kingshighway and Cote Brilliante Avenue, this limestone educational institution yearly molded and shaped the lives of six hundred young men. Graduates passed through her famous colonnades each year well prepared to meet their moral and civic responsibilities in an adult world. For a variety of reasons, the school closed in 1971.

In 1985, as part of their 50th reunion, the class of 1935 decided to rekindle the fire by establishing a McBride Alumni Club. Our rosters now include 418 teachers and 7,385 former “McBride Micks”.

On March 10, 2009, the New McBride Alumni site was launched.  Please let everyone know about this site, and keep the spirit of McBride alive.

McBride Alumni Club

P.O. Box 50096
Clayton, Missouri  63105

Scroll down for Announcements


Over 1,200 Micks are registered on our site.  We continue to have new registrations as alumni find our site.  Be sure to tell fellow classmates about our site and have them register.

Make sure you have your most recent email address in your account profile.  If you have changed your email address over the past few years be sure to check your profile to make sure you do not miss any annoucements from our site.

McBride Legacy Scholarship Program Expressions of Gratitude

The 2020-21 recipients of the McBride Legacy Scholarships sent notes of gratitude this month to the McBride Alumni Club. From the 67 letters received, I’ve put together a sampling of excerpts. You will see from these highlights how appreciative the students are to receive the scholarship assistance provided by the McBride alumni.

By giving me this scholarship, you have opened me to a whole world of possibilities for the future. I'm no longer limited to going to community college, but I can go somewhere that excites me to learn and improve. Again, I say thank you for not only helping me this year, but all five year for my time here at Chaminade. – Nick Ebert ’21; McBride Relative: John Scott ’34 (great-uncle)

My experience at Chaminade would not be possible without your financial support, and I greatly appreciate it. As I look at colleges, and more importantly the prices, I have come to appreciate your financial support through the McBride Scholarship all the more. – Adam Koetting ’21; McBride Relative: Louis “Lou” J. Koetting ’53 (grandfather)

I am thrilled to be able to be connected to McBride in a meaningful way like my grandfather did. This scholarship allows me to be like him and to go to a school much like the school he went to. I have made many friends throughout my time here, friends that I hope to stay in contact with for the rest of my life. I would never have been able to meet these people without your help in lifting some of the financial burden that this school entails. I would just like to thank you for the generosity you have bestowed upon me. I have countless memories that have been created within the walls of Chaminade, and it is in part due to you. I thank you for all you have done for me over the years and pray for your continuous happiness for years to come. – Henry Pittillo ’21; McBride Relative: Robert J. Marischen ’71 (grandfather)

I very much appreciate your generous donations that help reduce the cost of tuition at Chaminade. In school, I like to get involved in activities and sports. These include throwing for track, the Fishing Club, Peace and Justice Club, and Marianist Life Community every Friday morning. I believe that getting involved is a very important thing in life, especially in high school. – Max Healy ’22; McBride Relatives: Daniel Healy ’64 (grandfather), Robert Healy ’33 and Sylvester Weitkamp ’37 (great-grandfathers)

I am honored to be a recipient of the McBride Legacy Scholarship, in memory of my grandpa George Simon. My older brother, Simon, is a 2018 Chaminade alumnus, and I have cousins that have attended Chaminade as well. I know my grandpa is happy we are receiving a Marianist education. I have really enjoyed the Chaminade education and do not take it for granted. The teachers are always encouraging us to do better and to be better men. I know I am fortunate to have the Chaminade education experience, and it will prepare me for life’s future challenges. – Peter Slinkard ’22; McBride Relative: George J. Simon, Sr. ’56 (grandfather)

Thank you for the scholarship. It helps me afford Chaminade which is my favorite place to be. The reason I love Chaminade so much is because it challenges me academically and physically. I also like the family spirit at Chaminade because everyone feels at home. Thank you again for your generosity. I hope to leave a lasting impact, and I plan to give something back to my school in the future. – Isaac Carey ’23; McBride Relative: William J. Carey ’33 (great-grandfather)

I am deeply appreciative of you support. I appreciate also that you continue to support not only me but the other McBride Scholars. Thank you for continuing to give your time and efforts toward these scholarships. I hope that one day I might be able to help students like me to be able to live great lives. – Ian Steele ’23; McBride Relatives: John G. Szydlowski, Jr. ’47 (great-grandfather), Rev. Robert L. Szydlowski ’54 and Stanley J. Szydlowski ’61 (great-uncles)

I have been at Chaminade for four years and during that time my life has been opened up to many new things. At Chaminade we have a wonderful family community, and I’m very grateful to have met the friends I’ve made. Thanks to you, I’m able to be a part of the brotherhood at Chaminade and to that I am very grateful. – Lucas O’Neal ’24; McBride Relative: Richard Allman ’62 (uncle)

Because of your generosity, I am able to enjoy all that Chaminade has to offer. My grandfather, Jack Auer, was a graduate of McBride High School. Although he is no longer on this earth, I’m sure that he’s thrilled that I am connected to the high school that he attended. – Jack Auer ’25; McBride Relative: John “Jack” Auer ’61

My great grandpa, Mel Husmann, went to McBride for two years before he had to leave school to help provide for his family during the Great Depression. My grandpa LOVED his years at McBride. He valued his Marianist education greatly. Years later he sent his two sons, Mel and Jim, to Chaminade for their schooling. Thanks for the Scholarship! I know it helps my parents out financially. My dad works very hard at work to provide for us and my mom stays home to take care of us. I have two little brothers who go to Holy Infant School in Ballwin. Your scholarship letter was an awesome surprise in the mail to our family at the beginning of the year. Thank you for supporting me at Chaminade. – Bobby Wittman ’25; McBride Relative: Oliver “Mel” Husmann ’37 (great-grandfather)

I am very excited to be at Chaminade. I have made many new friends and love the school in general. All the teachers are amazing, inspiring and making me want to learn. This year I have enjoyed Theater a lot. It has been my favorite class, and I have learned to express myself in different ways. I am very much looking forward to meeting even more people and having a great year. – Wyatt Honerkamp ’26; McBride Relative: Michael Pendergast ’69 (great-uncle)

My grandpa, Bill “Whitey” Lemp, went to McBride! I’m so excited to be going to a school that is so supportive of my Grandpa’s high school. I was very surprised to find out that he went to the school that one of the Chaminade buildings is named after. I am really loving it here. The teachers are awesome. I just finished playing 6th grade soccer. It was really fun, and we had a great team. My grandpa even came to watch me play. – Michael O’Rourke ’27; McBride Relative: William J. Lemp ’60 (grandfather)

McBride Legacy Scholarship Committee
Mike Andert ’70, Ed Bovier ’63, Tony DeNatale ’63, Mike Hagenhoff ’63, Mike Hahn ’64, Russ Isaak ’60, Ron Johnson ’63, John Marino ’70, Mike Milne ’63, Joe Nettemeyer ’69, Jerry Noce ’70, Larry Porschen ’67 and Jeff Stephans ‘64




Postponed until 2021
Class of 1960
60th Reunion