H. Lou Davit

Profile Updated: October 14, 2022
Class Year: 1947
Residing In: Milwaukee, WI USA
Wife/Significant Other: Jackie
Occupation: Information Analyst
Children: Jamie, born in 1968, has one boy born in 1997. They live in New Orleans.
Chris, born in 1978. Lives More…in Jackson, WY . Chris is a tennis pro working at Teton Pines Tennis Club in Jackson, WY. Chris is single, living the good life. update 4/2/22: Chris has been working at Four Seasons Hotel in Jackson, Wyoming since 2015. Still teaches tennis at Teton Pines tennis club when they need him, and works the overflow crowds at Jackson Hole Ski Hill.
Military Service: U.S. Navy (Minesweeper USS Quail  
Parish Grade School:

St. Catherine of Sienna


retired from Johnson Controls, Inc.

Grand Children:

Shandy Ozaki born in 1997. Following in his Dad's footsteps as a great musician. Updated in 2022: Working in construction in New Orleans. Still single.


In my senior year at McBride I joined the Navy reserve, played for a Reserve basketball team, went to Mizzou for a year was called to active duty with the Navy, served on a Minesweeper for a couple years during the Korean War, back to Mizzou on the GI Bill, worked at Dunn & Bradstreet a couple years, ran a small business on Hampton Av., Dairy Freez & Chicken Delight, sold them, moved to Sheboygan, WI, really got into skiing, started the Skihassen Ski Club there, moved to Eagle River, WI to run a seasonal business for a friend, moved down to Milwaukee, couple jobs, 18 years at Johnson Controls (Good Company), last position as Information Analyst, am big tennis fan now, captain of our Company team for 15 years, coached our Village tennis team for five years, one championship retired when I turned 63, got into Senior Olympics - most medals in track (sprints), still play with my old teammates, last time skiing was with Chris in Jackson Hole in about 2015, can't quite manage the black runs any more. Spend most of my time now maintaining our small bungalow and garden in Milwaukee, teaching tennis for our Village Recreation Dept., teaching private lessons for some great little students, involvement in environmental programs, but my top priority now is working as Treasurer/Business Manager of our St. Vincent de Paul Conference at our St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, a small inner city church where I have been a member since the late 60's. Am "Green Committee" Chairman, researching a solar electric system for our church. We have 14 solar panels on our garage roof since 2014, they're doing good It is good to communicate with my old classmates. Please give me a call (414 964 2265) when you're in Milwaukee, and bring your tennis racquet. We get to St. Louis a couple times a year. It's been a while since I've seen some of you - in 1997 at the 50th reunion. I wish wecould be there when you have your events, but they don't seem to coincide with my St. Louis family events. Cheers and blessings to you all - Lou

School Story:

I wasn't a very active Mick. Worked every day after school. Was with the Collonade Co. a Junior Achievement Company in my Senior year, also was on the yearbook staff that year and played in a intramural tennis tournament where I believe I lost in the finals. I remember that the Mics had some great football teams then - especially remember Ed Morgenthaller, Rick Quan and John Erdelen - my heros. Also was a fan of Gus Caito, a great boxer and lots of other good athletes. The Brothers were strict, but terrific. I regret not having been more involved in school actiivties, but I don't regret working with my Dad on the paper route in Clayton -we were a good team, throwing papers off the back end of a truck. Am getting nostalgic - enough for now.

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Hi Jack - Once again, we're hitting the big numbers. It sure would be good to see you one of these days. Life has been good to Jackie and me. Had a fun train trip to Glacier Nat'l Park then drove thru Yellowstone then down to Jackson Hole where our son lives. Flew to St. Louis for our annual family Reunion. We gotta keep on the move don't we. Have a good 95th year. Lou Davit

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Oct 14, 2022 at 6:24 PM

We're still clicking here in Wisconsin - getting ready for snow. Had a good time in St Louis in September. Went to my old parish, St. Pius V, for Mass and then a nephew's bar in the same neighborhood - Gallery Pub: good pizza, good jazz, good people, Dave & Julie Gant. - give it a try.
Lou Davit '47

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It would be great to get together with Jack Lampe who lives not too far from us in Wisconsin. We're both so busy with our own families and activities that we just can't get away. We've written to each other on this portal, but didn't know each other at McBride. Maybe someday eh Jack. Drop us a line someday. Our address is 4508 N Woodburn St. Shorewood, WI 414-964-2265 hldavit@gmail.com

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Hi Mics of '47 - We're still here in Milwaukee (Packer country and home of the 2nd place Brewers.) No change for daughter Jamie, Chris still in Jackson, working for Four Seasons now. Family reunion in St. Louis on 8/20, next day at the Community College in Union, MO for the eclipse. Look me up if you're there - I probably won't be in orange and green, but still look a lot like the picture here. Going to a winery after - let's have one. - Lou Davit '47

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Nov 10, 2016 at 4:33 PM

Gerry's Family  -  In reading Gerry's obituary, I noted that he and I share the same birthday.  Gerry and were friends at McBride and I'm sure that we had some good times together.  I never graduated from college, but am thankful for the good education that the Brothers gave us.  I have lived here in Milwaukee for over 50 years, and my wife and I have had good careers, we have a comfortable home and are happy and healthy in Packerland. 

Blessings to you all  -  Lou Davit  "47

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